When to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

The time when children start to walk is going to depend on many different factors, but it is common for a child to start to try to walk at around 7 to 8 months of age. They usually take their first steps at around 9 to 12 months of age. Trying to walk and walking are two different stages that require different types of stimulation.

The first signs that your baby is going to walk is that they will start to try to hold on to things such as furniture or holding on to you to stand up. Their legs are not strong enough to hold them at this point, but they will start to make an effort to stand up with some support.

This is the perfect time for you to start helping your child walk by holding them firmly as they make use of their legs to attempt to take a few steps. You should never stop holding your child during these early stages because this could make it difficult for them to have the confidence to keep trying to walk.

It’s very important for your child to continue to feel encouraged to try to stand up. If they have a bad experience, this is going to make them fearful and it will set the progress back weeks and even months in some cases.

Be sure to allow your child to explore their own abilities. A good way to do this is to let them attempt to stand up while they are on a very soft surface such as a bed. This is going to be a great way for them to build that confidence and to start learning to make use of their entire body.